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Glass Panel Railing and Enclosures, Pool Fences and Wind Barriers

Santa Ana Glass Fencing manufactures and installs glass fencing and railings in Santa Ana and neighboring areas. We accept all commercial and residential projects, regardless of the size, kind, and purpose of the space.

Our fencing and railing specialists are passionate about their jobs and use superior engineering to create unique designs for glass fences, rails, walls, and pool fences. Our products don't obstruct the sights and are incredibly safe because we use durable materials, premium-quality hardware, and safety features.

We do our best to cover all customers' demands and preferences, and our selection of materials, styles, and designs comes at affordable prices. We strive to have our products installed as planned, and we aim for excellent work and results each and every time.

Our technicians are ready to offer their expert guidance when picking the style and design for custom fences and rails, paying attention to your budget and space's particularities. Call us to learn about fencing and railing solutions for your space.

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    glass pool fences

    You can now enjoy the pool and landscape's beautiful sights because our frameless glass pool fences are incredibly subtle. We turn to safety features like climb-resistant tempered glass panels and gates with self-closing hinges and/or lockable latches. In commercial pools, we use durable materials for high traffic areas and observe the building's safety codes.

    Glass railing for balcony and deck

    With our balcony glass rails, you can obtain unobstructed views and improve the appearance of your space. We use solid systems for the high-wind areas like balconies, and our railings allow surface mount or fascia mount to any substrate. If you have children or pets, we can mount high-balcony railings with/without top cap rail providing superior protection.

    Glass Wind Walls and Fences

    Our glass railing and fencing add value to all spaces. Our glass walls are durable and attractive because we use tempered glass and premium quality fasteners or frames. Our fences stop strong winds and reduce sounds. We can install glass windscreens around decks, rooftops, backyards, pools, or any other space where you want to enjoy the view without safety concerns.

    Santa Ana Glass Fencing services at the highest standards

    The Glass Fencing Santa Ana technicians design, manufacture and install fences and railings with superior durability, safety, and beautiful appearance. We provide you an extensive selection of styles and products that create an unobstructed view of the pool and surrounding areas.

    Our specialists use tools and methods that work best with your space. They're skilled, creative, and determined to improve their performances. They are always willing to take a new project and carefully listen to your requests, preferences, and budget.

    How do our glass railing systems and service stand out?

    Our customers in Santa Ana choose us over our competition because we’re dedicated, creative, and experienced. You will enjoy many benefits when working with us:

    Uninterrupted views

    Wood, mesh, and iron block the views, but that doesn't happen when installing glass fencing and railing. Our glass fences improve any space's looks, creating a smooth flow from indoor to outdoor areas. Santa Ana Glass Fencing railing systems are effortless to keep in the best shape and aesthetically pleasing too.

    Superior safety

    We create glass fencing with consideration to pool code regulations, protecting children and pets from drowning. We use tempered or laminated glass fence panels that are climb resistant; you can see what happens around the pool at any moment. If necessary, we can add self-closing hinges and/or lockable latches on the pool's gates.

    Fast delivery

    At Glass Fencing Santa Ana, we have an extensive inventory of glass and hardware so that we can meet your demands and preferences at any moment. Please give us a couple of weeks to finish a small project and a month for a large-scale space. We’re very flexible so we can also deliver our products at a date of your choice.

    Glass fencing in Santa Ana at affordable prices

    You might worry that our glass fences and rails are pricey, but that’s not the case at all. At Glass Fencing Santa Ana, we go above and beyond to give you the fences and rails you afford without compromising quality, durability, or looks. Our specialists can provide their expert opinion and help you choose the materials, designs, and styles best for your space within your budget limitations. Just because you don't go with high-end materials doesn't mean that your rails and fences cannot be elegant, safe, and durable. Our clients are all the same for us. Call us for further information.

    High Quality Railing Systems and Tempered Glass

    If you’re looking to secure an area without compromising the view, glass fences and frameless rails make the best option; they’re safe and extremely subtle too. Many of our clients hire us to install glass pool fences because they're protective and offer a pleasant view of the pool.

    Our specialists at Santa Ana Glass Fencing use utilize tempered glass for the frameless panels because they’re the least intrusive for the landscape.

    We want our panels to be beautiful, so we add polished stainless steel and aluminum posts for a sleek modern appearance. Additionally, our frameless fences provide superior safety, monitored access, and protection against strong winds.

    If necessary, we can mount doors with secure magnetic locks and smooth closing. Last but not least, our glass fences are long-lasting and effortless to clean.

    We strive to complete our job within the set timeframe. Three weeks will be enough for us to finish a project.

    glass railing systems specialists

    Why hire the professionals at Santa Ana Glass Fencing?

    Other companies may be installing glass fences and rails in Santa Ana, but our skills and experience make us stand out. Regardless of your space's size or purpose, we will always aim for excellent results, and we can adjust our installation methods to get there. We’re different from our competition on many levels:

    Our efficiency

    All projects are essential for us, and we analyze them all to figure out which materials, designs, and installation techniques will work best. We want to complete the project at the set timeline, within your budget. From the moment you pick the design, we will do our best to stick to your budget and obtain the best results throughout engineering and installation. Our specialists have many skills, and they're also effective at coordinating the project logistics with the product; your fences and rails are always delivered on time. If you like companies that keep their promises, we make one of the most reliable options.

    Our vast experience and dedication to improvement

    Excellent customer service, attractive prices for all clients, and flexibility are some of our many values. Our specialists never stop training because they want to stay on top. Contact us and let one of our representatives tell you more about fencing and railing. They can answer your inquiries about materials, design, installation process and provide a quote for the job.

    Our process is comprehensive

    A Santa Ana Glass Fencing team member is ready to work with you to design the custom fence or railing system for your space, residential and commercial alike. He/she can support you when selecting the materials, design, and installation method, so you have expert advice every step of the way.

    Identify the best placement

    Regardless of what you may think, the placement of your glass railing system is essential, and our dedicated technicians can help you with that as well. It only takes a couple of inches to one side or another to lose the unobstructed and attractive view that glass fences should provide. You want our glass fencing or railing to be perfectly placed so that you get the best out of it. We carry rich experience, so we can give you the best advice about where to install the fencing.

    On-site collaboration

    For best results, you should call one of our technicians and have him examine your property closer; he will be able to say which placement works best. All things considered, you decide where we should install the glass fencing and railing, but it’s more effective to let our specialists give their expert opinion about the ideal placement.

    Choose a design, glass, hardware, and accessories

    We will also help you choose the kind of glass, hardware, accessories, and safety features that are most appropriate for your space. We can suggest the colors, styles of glass, and hardware that compliment your area the best and ensure superior safety and durability. You should also consider the level of transparency you wish to have with our glass fencing and railing, the color, and other essential specifications. We know that glass fencing and railing don't make a common topic for you; that's why we're more than happy to give you all the details and information you need when choosing materials, safety features, styles so on. We will provide our expert advice for every decision you have to make.

    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    At Glass Fencing Santa Ana, we aim to use our skills, knowledge, and rich experience for designing and installing the glass fences and rails that work for your space, whether it's a commercial pool, a private deck, or some balcony in a multi-apartment building. Call us to plan your meeting at a time of your convenience—we’re flexible that way.

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