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Glass structures have slowly won people's hearts and make today a familiar presence in commercial and residential buildings alike. Nowadays, glass railing, partition walls, and fences are widely used.

Santa Ana Glass Fencing manufactures and installs commercial fencing and railing in Santa Ana and its neighboring areas. No matter the size, purpose, or complexity of your retail space, our specialists can design and install commercial glass fencing and railings that are long-lasting and stylish.

Commercial glass railings at high standards from Santa Ana Glass Fence

We know that we’re not the only company in Santa Ana installing glass fences and rails, but we also know why we stand out.

Our specialists are experienced, creative and aim to design and set up the system perfectly matching your building. They can adjust the installation methods to your property and consider your preference and budget as well.

Commercial Glass Fencing and Railing Santa Ana

Our commercial glass fencing and railing are fit for many types of spaces

Our railing systems work as an elegant and durable barrier that doesn’t obstruct the views. We can create framed and frameless railing systems with customized hardware so that the final project perfectly matches your needs and requests.

We take on projects for many types of facilities, no matter how old, small, or large and complex the building is. We work in:

  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Commercial offices
  • Multi-apartments buildings
  • Public pools
  • Condominiums

Our fencing and railing specialists at Santa Ana Glass Fencing employ durable, strong, and premium quality materials for high-traffic areas, adding safety features specified in the building’s code of regulations. We are skilled and dedicated, and we successfully install:

  • Glass rails
  • Glass panels
  • Glass walls
  • Sneeze guards
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Commercial Glass Fencing company
Commercial Glass Fencing and Railing contractor

Why consider our Santa Ana commercial glass panel fences and rails?

Our specialists at Glass Fencing Santa Ana aim to always have clients happy with the results. Our customer service is excellent, and one of our team members is always ready to give you details about fencing and railing; he/she can suggest the best style and design for your building and provide you with a quote for the job.

Should you hire us to create and install fencing and railings for commercial spaces, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Commercial glass railing brings a modern vibe

If you’re interested in the most contemporary material for fencing and railing, glass is your best choice. When you switch to glass fencing and/or railing, your commercial building will gain a sleek modern feel, no matter how old, small, or complex your structure is. Adding glass fencing and railing can erase the dull and uninteresting space design and bring it to the 21st century. Whether you plan to build a new building or renovate an old one, glass fences and rails shouldn't miss from the project.

You can use glass fences for securing pools and areas requiring a high level of security; the fences also create the illusion of a larger space, so people no longer feel crowded or uncomfortable. The aesthetic value of glass fencing and railing is undeniable and they can also add a luxurious note to public pools. These fences and rails make your clients feel special, so they will always come back to your hotel.  

The views are unobstructed

The transparency of glass fences and rails allows people to use the space to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. Your customers won't feel restrained in a hotel but relatively comfortable because of the openness that glass fencing offer. Our team at Glass Fencing Santa Ana can set up fences and rails inside and outside, and the unobstructed views increase the level of comfort for anyone using those spaces.

Glass rails increase safety

Barriers have become mandatory for public and hotel pools in the last couple of years. The specialists at Santa Ana Glass Fencing set up fences for pools following the pool safety codes enforced in the United States without altering the landscape's view and overall style. Our commercial fencing and railing specialists employ safety features like climb-resistant glass, gates with lockable latches, and/or self-locking gates. We can install glass panels in balconies or outside spaces for the highest protection of children and pets.

They decrease maintenance costs

Anyone running a business knows that keeping the maintenance spending to a minimum is one way to grow your business. Glass fencing and railing don’t need daily cleaning, and they look their best for many years. You don't need to replace or refinish them either. The main idea is that you get to spend a lot less on cleaning and maintaining glass fences and rails than with other materials.

We only use the safest materials

Our team at Glass Fencing Santa Ana is aware of the complex challenges that occur in commercial spaces, and we always follow the most strict regulations for safety. We will use the most robust hardware and materials for your retail space, minding your preferences for style and budget.

Tempered glass

Almost impossible to break, tempered glass makes for a common material in commercial buildings. Should it break, the glass will shatter in tiny pieces, unable to cause serious injuries. We use framed panels with handrails for many of our commercial projects.

Laminated glass

There’s no other glass as tough and safe as laminated glass, and we employ it for many commercial projects. Two tempered glass panels bonded with an interlayer form the laminated glass. Also less likely to break, this type of glass won't cause injuries like regular glass because the frame remains intact, and only one panel will shatter.

Call us for a free quote

Our team at Santa Ana Glass Fencing takes on every project, no matter the complexity. Call us and let one of our team members give you details about glass fencing and railings for your commercial space. We're flexible so that we can set your first appointment whenever works for you.

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