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Glass Balcony and Deck Railing

Regardless of the progress for building materials, iron and wood have remained the primary materials for fences for a long time. It’s only recently that newer and modern materials such as glass have made it to the market.

Santa Ana Glass Fencing designs and mounts glass fencing for decks and balconies in Santa Ana and surrounding areas. Our fencing and railing specialists are skilled and knowledgeable, and customers are always happy with the results. We build glass balcony fencing and deck rails that are durable and beautiful, and at affordable prices.

High-quality glass fencing and deck rails from Glass Fencing Santa Ana

Our specialists are committed and determined to reach the highest standards with their work and results. We create and install glass balcony fencing and deck rails with industrial-grade strength capable of withstanding the most challenging weather. We will mount systems matching your balcony’s details and accommodate all budgets. No matter the style you select, our balcony fences and deck rails are long-lasting, beautiful, and safe.

A complete range of systems and models

We have a generous inventory of glass fences and rails, so we're able to finish your project as scheduled. One of our team members can help you select the kind of glass fencing that works for your balcony or the rails matching your deck.

Glass Balcony Railing Santa Ana contractor

Santa Ana Glass Fencing is always willing to help

One of our representatives at Santa Ana Glass Fencing is happy to take your call and help you select the fencing and/rails for your balcony or deck. He/she can provide you with their expertise for deciding between frameless, framed, or semi-frameless styles for your fencing system.

Our glass fencing for balcony and deck rails stand out

Many companies create and install glass fences for balconies or decks in Santa Ana. But creativity and experience differentiate us from our competitors.

The glass fencing we install for your balcony and deck stand out for many reasons:

Elegant and modern appearance

Nowadays, more and more clients prefer the modern design to traditional options, so they choose Glass Fencing Santa Ana for glass fencing and rails. Our fences and rails work for many spaces, commercial and residential alike. We install solid and modern rails that improve any property’s appearance.

Functionality, flexibility, and adjustability

We can install custom-made glass railings to balconies and decks fitting your spaces to perfection. We consider your balcony’s or deck’s specifics and mount stainless steel or powder-coated rails. The team at Glass Fencing Santa Ana employs tempered safety glass panels to protect you against winds and allow you to enjoy the view. You can go with clear, colored tints or sandblasted panels according to the level of transparency and glare you wish to have.

We’re able to install simple railing panels that are evenly spaced and come with top-rails. Our specialists are skilled, so they will make handrail systems at any angle, using lasers for leveling them. Our railings are long-lasting and beautiful and work for indoor and outdoor spaces, both new and old buildings.

We make sure to cut the glass balcony rails to fit the space perfectly and design unique styles for your balconies or decks.

glass fencing for balcony and deck rails installation

A nicer view

People go with glass fences and rails on the balcony or deck or with a pool glass fence for many reasons, and the unobstructed view is the main one. Unlike classic wood or iron fences, our glass rails will let you still enjoy the surroundings. Moreover, our fences and rails are easy to clean and last for a long time. You only need to spray some lemon oil to clean them; it will also help with water building. You can add protective coatings to reduce the need for cleaning by 90%.

Protection against winds

The location of your balcony is essential when it comes to exposure to strong winds, but our glass fencing can protect you against them as well. Once our Glass Fencing Santa Ana team installs the fencing, you will spend a lot more time on your balcony. Even if you don't live in a high-rise building, winds on the balcony can be really uncomfortable, but our glass fences will ensure the much-needed protection.

Glass rails are highly versatile and very practical for decks too. There, they can be glass walls against winds and elements, or curious animals that want to take a peek at your deck.

Superior safety

Our glass fencing and railing surpass traditional railings for balconies for many reasons. Even if you choose a frameless design, the structure will be safer than the conventional systems because there will be no spindles with gaps between them. With traditional models, the gaps between the spindles are large, so the risk for a small child or pet to slip through is high. It’s not only in the movies that kids get their heads stuck between the spindles.

Should you hire the Glass Fencing Santa Ana team to mount your glass fencing - frameless, semi-frameless or poled -, you will no longer have to stress about that kind of accidents. Our systems are durable, sturdy and beautiful, and serve as a modern barrier between indoor and outdoor areas.

Call us for a free quote

The Glass Fencing Santa Ana team is always ready for a new challenge, as we are determined to improve our skills and expand our knowledge and experience. Call us and let one of our representatives help you navigate the options and provide you with a fair quote for the job. We're one call away!

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