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When it comes to pool design, nothing says modern and elegant like glass pool fences. These new, durable, and safe pools are typical for commercial and residential pools.

If you live in Santa Ana and want to add contemporary accents to your property without renovating the whole building, switching to glass fences for the pool is a sure way to do it. Contact the Santa Ana Glass Fencing team for unique, affordable, and long-lasting pool glass fences, no matter how big or small your pool is.

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Who can hire the Santa Ana Glass Fencing team for pool glass fence installation

The specialists at Glass Fencing Santa Ana have high skills and rich experience, and they’re ready to create and install pool glass fencing in Santa Ana that perfectly fit your preferences and budget. They will consider your requests, pool specifics, and everything else that could affect the project. They always mind the budget as well.

Residential applications

Our glass pool fence systems increase the level of safety around the pool without altering the natural beauty around it. Santa Ana Glass Fencing specialists install fences to protect your family and pets, following the pool code regulations.

We employ climb-resistant tempered glass panels so that you can monitor children and pets at all times. When needed, we can mount gates with “soft-close” self-closing hinges and/or lockable latches. Should you want extra protection by the pool for your family, our team in Santa Ana is the one to hire. Our pool glass fences are solid and safe, regardless of the size or type of pool.

Commercial applications

The Glass Fencing Santa Ana team has the tools and skills to install glass pool fencing for renovated and new commercial properties, hospitals, and multi-apartment buildings. We employ superior engineering to design and mount a frameless glass pool fence system adhering to your building code. Our tempered glass fences are long-lasting and easy to care for and are the ideal choice for high-traffic areas at multi-family complexes and hotels.

We can also supply an extensive selection of ADA-approved commercial pool gates that handle excessive use. No matter if you want us to install a frameless gate, keypad entry, or fully-framed bar system, we can mount a unique pool gate according to your preferences and needs.

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We install a variety of glass fencing for pools

Frameless glass fence systems for pools and spas work as unobstructed barriers ensuring security and allowing you to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Glass Fencing Santa Ana mounts custom frameless systems for commercial and residential pools of all sizes and kinds.

The features of our frameless pool glass fences

Our glass fences come with many benefits, and we want you to check out the most important:

  • Our panels reduce sound and stop strong winds
  • We utilize tempered glass panels that allow natural light to pass
  • Our systems adhere to and surpass the pool and spa safety standards
  • We don’t use panel framing or vertical posts that can ruin the panel’s sleek appearance
  • We always create systems that follow the particular local safety codes

Our frameless pool glass systems are high-quality

In order to create an effective physical barrier, we utilize solid and compact mounting hardware to support the glass panels. The fence is safe and transparent.

The gates on the panels are subtle and increase the safety of the pool. We use specially designed hinges that secure the panel when open. We also employ slow closing hinges so that glass doesn’t bang into the latch. Since we’re using a self-latching model with lockable key entry, the latch's risk to open by accident is minimal.

We never skip style, so we can select hinge hardware and latches that are color-coordinated. We can also supply custom powder-coated hardware in whatever color you want. Our railing and fencing specialists install the frameless panels on the surface/core drilled clamps made from stainless steel. It's a 2205 marine-grade steel that is non-corrosive and stronger than other kinds of steel.

Round and square styles are available for the clamps, and the finishes are various, too: brushed, polished, or powder coated to the color and texture of your choice.

Semi-frameless pool fence systems are also popular

Semi-frameless fencing presents beautiful hardware at the top, bottom, and post rails. Should you choose a semi-frameless design, you will enjoy many advantages:

  • Our systems follow the pool security standards
  • The tempered glass panels reduce noises, block winds but allow light to pass
  • We can personalize the system to adhere to all local safety regulations
  • We can add architectural accents at the top and bottom railings for nicer looks

We mount vertical posts between every panel, and they support the panels efficiently. We can employ bottom base shoe mounting systems and top railing too. A stainless chrome design will make the fences more modern, but you can also go with a brushed or powder coating in your favorite color. We can accommodate any requests and preferences.

Santa Ana Glass Pool Fencing always pays attention to safety

The risk of critical and lethal accidents near the pool is very high for young children. It’s the reason why many states made the use of pool fencing mandatory.

The specialists at Glass Fencing Santa Ana utilize tempered glass and high-grade metals to achieve the highest security level for anyone using the pool.

Our safety features

We mount pool fences following every building’s specifics and safety regulations, and our systems can present various safety features:

  • Our tempered glass panels present rounded and polished edges
  • We utilize strong glass for a high level of safety and protection against powerful winds
  • We use self-closing hinges on the gates so that they don’t open by accident
  • We install climb-resistant 4 and 5ft high fences

Call us for a free quote

Call the team at Santa Ana Glass Fencing if you want to switch to sleek modern glass fences for your pool. One of our representatives will give you information about the styles, materials, design of the fencing and provide you with a quote for the job. Call us to plan your first appointment.

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