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Wood and iron fences have been the norm for many years, but things have started to change some while ago. For the last years, glass has been winning customer’s hearts for both fencing and railing. Many new buildings or older places that need a modern vibe have new sleek modern glass fencing and railing.

If you’re interested in a company that designs, manufactures and installs glass fences in Santa Ana and its neighboring areas, Santa Ana Glass Fencing is one of the most dependable options. Our fences are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, and we cover various preferences and budgets.

When should you hire Glass Fence Santa Ana for glass fences, walls and windbreaks?

Our specialists are skilled, experienced, and committed to creating unique fence systems for any space. We carry a rich experience and rely on tools and adjustable installation techniques. Our clients speak highly of our work and results and recommend us to their friends and families.

We can install our fences in any space without them being visible. Should you want to enclosure an area without damaging the view or landscape, our frameless glass fences are the ideal option. Many clients go with a frameless design for the pool fences because they don’t block the view and provide maximum safety for people using the pool.

Our fences are durable and attractive because we use high-quality materials like tempered glass and stylish polished stainless steel and aluminum posts for the most stable support. Our glass fences can protect against winds and accidents, especially if we add doors with safe magnetic locks or smooth closing.

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Glass fencing of the highest quality and workmanship

If you ever dreamed about having beautiful, safe, and long-lasting fences on your property, the team at Glass Fencing Santa Ana won’t disappoint you. Our fencing and railing specialists always consider your demands, preferences, and budget when designing custom glass fences and rails. Even if affordable prices for unique designs are essential benefits, our fencing and railing systems bring many other positive aspects to the table:

It enlarges the space

Glass fencing has many advantages and making space seem larger than in reality is one. We can highlight which kind or style of fencing suits your outdoor area the best way. For example, with the Japanese technique, the look outside the yard is within the yard, and your eyes don’t notice boundaries at all.

It’s highly versatile

Glass fencing comes in many styles, and you can even select the type of fastening system for a specific garden design. A contemporary garden looks better with metal details, whereas a Victorian garden makes a better impression with light and matte-colored accents.

It doesn’t interrupt the views

Instead of interrupting the sights with some wood or iron fences, you can now opt for glass fencing installation. If you intend to sell your property, adding glass fencing and/or railing in/outside the house will significantly increase the value of your home and improve its aesthetic too. Any fences that don’t block the views and complement the landscaping adds value to your property, and glass fencing makes the most stylish choice.

It’s long-lasting

Regardless of what you may think, glass fencing is a safe option even in areas with harsh weather. Santa Ana Glass Fencing specialists mount durable fences that withstand severe weather for many years.

Where can you have glass fences and walls installed?

Glass fences around the pool make the most popular project among our clients. Our specialists have finished many projects of this sort, residential and commercial pools alike.

Glass fences can be installed in many areas

Our technicians are creative and able to design unique fencing systems according to your requests, your space’s particularities, and budget. Some of the most common areas where we install glass fences are:

  • Townhouses
  • High-rise balconies
  • Regular housing estates
  • Showroom mezzanines
  • Medium-high apartment block balconies
Glass walls glass wind walls and barriers installation

Privacy fences

When you value the privacy of your balcony a lot and don’t want to share anything with your neighbor or pedestrians, our team at Santa Ana Glass Fencing can create and install privacy fences. We have the tools and master the techniques for frosting the barrier without blocking light from coming through. Curios people won't get to see what's behind the fences, but you will still enjoy the day sunshine. Our frosted privacy fences make an excellent choice for decks and gardens too.

Opt for glass fencing for decks and balconies

The days when wooden barriers were the only solution for decks or balconies, are long gone. You can now have beautiful, durable, and safe glass deck fences and balcony rails that allow you to enjoy the landscape without fearing for anyone’s safety. Our team at Glass Fencing Santa Ana can add various safety features on the gates like self-locking, locking latches, and smooth-locking.

Frameless or semi-frameless glass fencing?

Even though it sounds simple, choosing the fencing or railing system for a space is somewhat tricky. It's not the most common topic in conversations, and you will need our expert guidance at when deciding the type, style, materials, or colors for the glass panels. You might want to start with determining between frameless and semi-frameless fencing.

Frameless glass fencing

Frameless glass fencing provides uninterrupted sights of what’s happening beyond the fences. Our fences will create a smooth flow from indoor to outdoor space, adding aesthetic value to your area.

If you have children or pets and want to monitor them at all times, the frameless fences make the best option for your property.

For areas with high traffic, such as commercial areas (restaurants, spas, hotels) or areas where safety is crucial, our technicians at Glass Fencing Santa Ana use tempered glass--six times stronger than the regular type. If necessary, we can use climb-resistant Glass and add the most useful safety features for your commercial glass fencing or railing.

Semi-frameless glass fencing

The name is a tell-tale, and the semi-frameless glass fences are made with premium aluminum or stainless steel tubing; the framework will efficiently secure the panels. Moreover, our specialists can use powder coating machines to obtain the color frame you want for your space.

Call us for a free no-obligation quote

If you want to give your building a contemporary feel, switching to glass fencing is an affordable method. One of our representatives at Santa Ana Glass Fencing can give you all the information you need for creating the design, choose the installation method, and quote for our job. Call us to plan your first meeting.

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