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Once a rare option, glass has become widely available today and makes a common material for modern fences and rails. Whether it's used inside or outside the house, glass fencing slowly replaces wood and iron handrails in commercial and residential buildings. Glass railings draw attention, add openness, and help the light flow better. If you live in Santa Ana or neighboring areas and want glass rails for interior stairs, Santa Ana Glass Fencing stands out for many reasons. Our technicians are creative and skilled, achieving excellent work and results every time. We take on clients for both residential and commercial glass railing. We also carry suitable solutions for glass balcony and deck railing which will give you unimpeded views and safety at the same time.

A full range of interior glass railing systems from Santa Ana Glass Railings

If you’re looking for stylish and modern interior glass railing in Santa Ana, glass railings make the no.1 option today. They work as an elegant and safe barrier that doesn’t interrupt the flow of open space. You should hire experienced and creative technicians to design and install glass rails for your indoor staircase; your new railing system will be safe and beautiful at the same time.

Over the years, our railing and fencing specialists have used various mounting methods, designed different styles, so they will know what works for your home too. They consider your preferences and requests, and mind your budget as well. You can choose glass railings that draw attention or go with subtler styles that work as modern accents for your home’s design. Regardless of the type you choose, the new railings will be safe and durable, handling intense use for many years.

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Frameless glass railing for your staircase designed by Santa Ana Glass Fencing

If you've been looking into glass rails, you have probably noticed that several different styles are available, with the frameless and framed types as the main types. Our technicians will install the style and design that you like the most, according to your budget. Our team is experienced and has installed various glass rail systems for stairs, and the most popular styles would be:

Base rails

If you want a more minimalist design, the frameless system is the style to choose. With the base rail design, the glass will draw everyone’s attention. The base rail creates a pleasant contrast to the sleek profile of the panels. The base rails installed by Glass Fencing Santa Ana are sturdy and safe, adding an incredible modern vibe to any stairs.

Talon spigots

Talon spigots are still frameless, but they’re not as visually impacting as the base rails. The talon spigots secure the panels from the bottom and provide an open airy feel and incredible sturdiness. The rails are solid and attractive but won't draw attention like the base rail systems.

Standoff pins

When you prefer a minimalist design, the standoff pins make the most appropriate choice. Out specialists at Santa Ana Glass Fencing install 2” diameter pins to the side of your staircase, and the glass panels will be beautiful and subtle. You can decide the size of standoff pins and rails, and enjoy a minimalist statement piece for your house. The flow of your home won't suffer because we mount the rails to the side of the steps.

Benefits of our glass railing for interior stairs

Several companies in Santa Ana install glass railing for interior stairs, but our skills and experience make us stand out from them. Our clients are happy with the product and customer service they receive, and they always recommend us to friends and family.

Our specialists at Glass Fencing Santa Ana install glass railing with many qualities, and some of these qualities are noted down below:

We can mount them in many ways

Even if we have the skills and equipment to mount glass rails in many ways, three are common. Our technicians will pick the installation procedures that work best with your staircases, requests, and budget as well.

interior railing system installation

Standoff glass railing

As the name suggests, standoffs will secure the panels in place; standoffs are round cylinders made of stainless steel. The glass comes with pre-drilled holes, and our technicians level it in place so that the standoffs keep the panel to the stair and floor’s vertical side. We only use subtle and robust hardware.

Dadoed glass railing

The technicians at Glass Fencing Santa Ana will secure the panels within the bottom shoe and the top railing. They use a wooden framework for the glass and don’t need to employ clips or hardware. Many clients like the visual appeal of this style.

Clamped glass railing

Our specialists employ glass clips to the posts or railing for securing the panels, and subtle hardware with steel or wood posts is available. It’s quite a popular system among our customers.

The rails are easy to maintain

It’s not difficult to clean our glass rails and to enjoy them for a long time. Your lifestyle is important for sure, but most of the time, you will need to clean the glass rails only now and then. Use some soap/vinegar, a soft cloth, and water for cleaning the glass railing. Always avoid using abrasive scrubbers on the rails.

We always consider the safety and local building codes

We're familiar with local building code regulations in your area, so our glass rails for interior stairs always follow those rules.

At Santa Ana Glass Fencing, we employ tempered glass of premium quality. It’s heat-treated glass that is virtually impossible to break. On the off chance it does break, the shatters are small and don’t cause severe injuries.

We can also use laminated glass for our systems; laminated glass is made from two glass pieces fused with an interlayer. It's incredibly safe, and if it breaks, only one side will shatter.

Call us for a free quote

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your home; you can now give your house a modern feel by simply adding glass rails for your interior stairs. Call us and let one of our representatives at Santa Ana Glass Fencing give you further information about styles, materials, designs and provide you with an estimate for the job.

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